Post 3: Baby Shower Inspired look + How To Get My Favorite Mama Freebies


Okay so as I was preparing for my baby shower that my ADORABLE/AMAZING sister in laws threw for me. I decided to register at Target (duh) and learned about their fun and oh so easy to obtain freebies! Any one who registers at Target gets a FREE bag of over $50 worth of goodies just for registering….you heard that JUST FOR REGISTERING. You don’t even have to be a new mom or have a shower coming up…heck you can only put one thing on your registry if you want and still get the freebies. Here are my four easy steps on how to get these freebies:

  1. Click this link (it will take you directly to where you need to be)
  2. Click on the “create your own registry” red box in the lower left hand corner, by the cute babies face.
  3. Create your registry, even if its just one item.
  4. Go to customer service at Target and tell them your name, that you made a baby registry, and that you are there to pick up your free gift. They will hand you a bag and VWOLLA! You have an awesome free gift and no, its not just a bunch of coupons…you’re welcome :).


Here are just a few of my favorite things that I got in my freebie bag:

  • Munchkin brand LATCH bottle with anti-colic valve
  • MAM brand newborn binkie
  • Pampers Diaper and Wipes + an adorable clutch to carry them in + Pampers coupons.
  • Honest Wipes + Honest Company coupons
  • Mustela baby hydrating cream
  • Liz Lang and nursing bra coupons to be used at Target.
  • Plus MUCH MORE!

Okay so now for my last baby shower inspired look. This look is for the mama who just wants to be comfy but also still look SO cute and put together. The kimono I wore made me feel like I was just free as a bird, the dress, from Pink Blush Maternity, is so stretchy and so comfy. I could sleep in it. Of course I also wore my fave flats (lets be real, flats are where the comfy is AT).

Tomorrow I’m doing a Baby Shower Inspired Giveaway through my Instagram. The winner will win a $75 Pink Blush gift card as well as my favorite book, The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama. Both are such perfect gifts for a mama to be! So be sure to enter, if you are one or know one :).

If you’re unfamiliar with that book, I posted a little snippet about it that you can read here. It’s really my all time fave.


DSC_0115-4-Edit DSC_0149-2-Edit-2

Dress: Pink Blush Maternity // Kimono: Aro and Company– Use code “WHITJ10” for 10% off your purchase // Flats and Hat: Target

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Post 2: Baby Shower Outfit Inspiration + All Sorts of Preggo Feelings



So I have been getting an influx of feelings these days (preggo much?). But really,  I considered myself an emotional person before I got pregnant but now I really don’t think I go a day without feeling the whole gamut of emotions that this world has to offer. Please tell me that someone can relate to me here? haha

Here’s a little back story for you:

I had a rough first and mostly second trimester. I was as sick as a dog, couldn’t keep anything down, didn’t want to see or talk to anyone because I was more exhausted then when I had mono in high school, blah blah blah. Because of that, I had a few mornings where I woke up and thought to myself, “man…Pregnancy is way harder than I feel like it should be.” At times (my poor hubs can attest to this) I was a negative Nancy about my pregnancy woes. I mean your growing a human being in your body, of course its hard. The truth is, I’m an ignorant first timer here. I don’t have any idea what I’m getting myself into.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I had a pretty humbling moment when I was about 16 weeks along. A very dear friend and co-worker of mine was about 18 weeks along and lost her baby. When that happened it really put things into perspective for me. It’s extremely sad that something so tragic had to happen for me get my head on straight and look at my pregnancy with a more positive attitude… but unfortunately it did. Don’t get me wrong, I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. But this experience took any negative feelings I was feeling towards the rough times of pregnancy and threw them OUT THE WINDOW. It really made me sit and think of just how blessed I am to be able to bear children regardless of how sick I feel or how hard it is. There are so many women out there who would love more than anything to be able to bear children but can’t, haven’t had the opportunity yet, or did and tragically lost their precious angel. My heart just absolutely aches for them.

Needless to say, I have been feeling an influx of gratitude these days, every time I feel my baby girl move its the very best feeling. I feel so connected to her. I never quite got what women mean when they said that they felt so close to their babies in the womb until now. I have about 11 weeks left in my pregnancy and I feel myself wishing time would slow down. I know that I will never be this close to her in my whole life and I’m already having a hard time accepting that!

With that said, here’s my second post for my baby shower inspiration outfit. I love how whimsical this outfit is! It would be perfect for an outdoor shower or one that is a little bit fancier. Annnnd….I really am just flower crown obsessed. I can never get enough of them! Especially when they are $5, like this one that I’m wearing from H&M.


Dress: Urban Wear (they don’t have an online store 🙁 they are located in University Mall in Orem, UT) // Sweater and Necklace: Hope Ave // Heels: Kohls // Flower Crown: H&M

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Post 1: Baby Shower Outfit Inspiration + The Best Baby Shower Gift Idea

DSC_0387-Edit DSC_0373-Edit-3

My adorable sister in laws threw me a shower this past weekend and it gave me inspiration to show you my favorite baby shower looks. Now…something that I have learned over the years of baby shower attending is that there are different types of showers, some are more fancy, some more whimsical, some more laid back. I have put together a look for each occasion. That’s why this is post one out of three. The other two posts will be coming later this week!

This look is definitely more fancy and fun! I have my heels on and my oh so favorite comfy Pink Blush dress. My belly made this dress a little shorter on me than I would like so I decided to put a skirt extender underneath to give me some extra length. My heels are from Kohls and are seriously my FAVORITE heels ever. The type of shower you would want to wear this dress for would be a little fancier and one where you know that you will be sitting a lot (I don’t know about you but heels wreak havoc on my preggo body).

I was recently introduced to the book The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama and let me tell you… it is my new very favorite thing. It has give my pregnancy a whole new perspective and in the last week or two that I have been reading it have felt so uplifted and so connected to my baby girl. It is the most PERFECT baby shower gift or anytime gift to give to a pregnant mama you know. It will be so good for their soul. I want to share with you one of my favorite days that I have read so far. It was on 27 Weeks, 2 Days, it says:

“Do you remember how carefree you were as  a child? How confident and fearless and filled with dreams just bursting to come out! It never occured to us not to dream- one two, ten, twelve dreams a day were perfectly normal. Future Mama- we are about to raise our own dreamers. Such a hopeful thought. I want to be a mom who leads not just by teaching but by doing as well. So. Today I choose to dream. All day long…and make one of those dreams a reality. Even if it’s just a small one! Play dress up, be a famous chef for one day, sing at the top of my lungs and convince everyone I’m a Broadway Star!

What’s your dream today?”

Every day this book brings me something to think about or a new way I can connect to my sweet baby. I have truly loved getting to read it every day. I wake up in the morning and It is the VERY first thing that I do. Lately its part of the what gets me up in the morning!

What’s your favorite baby gift that you have received?

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Jewelry: Color By Amber // Dress: Pink Blush // Heels: Kohls // Skirt Extender: Similar here


My Favorite Mothers Day Gift Ideas


“A mother is the epitome of poise, she’s there through thick and thin and does it all while maintaining her rock-solid courage. A mother is a haven from the daily storms of life; she’s nurturing and always wishes you sweet dreams. Charity is her daily mantra as she selflessly provides for everyone she loves.”

That statement could not be more true for the many mothers that I have the privilege of knowing in my life. This mothers day I will be ALMOST a mother, just a few weeks away from gaining that title officially. But since I got pregnant I started to have an incredible amount of perspective towards motherhood in general. I have also gained a whole new kind of appreciation for my mom and the MANY quiet sacrifices that she had every single day while raising me and my brothers. I never heard a complaint from her mouth, not one. I pray that I can be that kind of mother.

So, with mothers day right around the corner, get that special women in your life something that won’t die after a week. Something that she can wear every day to feel pretty and think of you. This jewelry is from Color By Amber a shop that makes their jewelry from 40% recycled eoresin but you would never guess it. It looks AND feels amazing!


Another perfect mothers day gift would be to give her a new bag that also makes her feel pretty and one that she can wear every day. This bag from Lily Jade has literally changed my “bag world”! It can be a hand bag, shoulder bag, and best of all a BACKPACK! It’s like the transformer of bags. There is no better way to tell the women in your life “thank you for your handwork every single day” like spoiling her with one of these incredible, top quality, bags. I know that this bag will last for years and thats my favorite part (yes, even more than the fact that it will turn into a backpack). I know that after I use it and us it and use it with my first baby I won’t have to get a whole other bag for my next.


Top: Kiss Me Mint (no, its not maternity but works AWESOME with my bump)// Jewelry:  Color By Amber// Bag: Lily Jade

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The Easiest Way To Brighten Someone’s Day + A Free Printable!

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When I was in high school (like 10 years ago…wuff I’m old) I randomly received a letter from a girl that I grew up with, she was a few years older than me and we were by no means friends. Don’t get me wrong, we were friendly but she wasn’t someone that I ever hung around with. In this letter she shared a recent story of her college life and followed it up with a few really powerful inspirational/day brightening quotes. In her letter she said that she was going to make a habit of writing a letter to two people she appreciated a month and I was one of those people for that month. Call me sappy but that letter really stuck with me. I read it over and over again and to this day I still have it. I just couldn’t believe that someone would be kind enough to take time out of their day to write a letter to me. Someone that didn’t really even know me. Ever since then I have tried hard (mostly failed) at often doing very small and simple things to make people’s day around me.

It wasn’t until recently that I came up with one of the most simple, fast (the whole project took me less than 15 minutes), easy, yet impactful, ways to brighten someone’s day. Here’s how:

  1. Buy Wrigley’s Extra® Spearmint or Polar Ice® gum from the checkout line at Walmart. I get the new bulk package because it has 35 sticks in a pack (more gum? Yes please!) and with it’s plastic, durable, recycled packaging it’s SO convent to carry around.IMG_2353image
  2. Print out my Free Printable that has 36 (I threw an extra quote in there just in case you didn’t like one of my others) short, yet uplifting, quotes that fit perfectly to the size of Extra® gum.Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.47.08 AM
  3. Cut out the quotes.IMG_2360
  4. Tape them on to the side of the gum that does not have the seam! This will make it so the person you’re giving the gum to can actually open the piece… I learned this the hard way.IMG_2370 IMG_2371
  5. Start brightening people’s day by simply giving them a piece of gum! Let’s be honest, everyone loves gum and gum with a quote to brighten your day on it? I don’t think it could get much better than that!FullSizeRender

The best part is that you don’t even need to know the person you give a stick of gum to. It can be a complete stranger that you feel like needs their day made.

I started doing this about two weeks ago. Every time I had a piece of gum I challenged myself to give one to someone else. I have seen a huge improvement in my attitude and overall happiness on a daily basis! I challenge you to do the same, even if you don’t tape the quotes on the gum, share a piece of Extra® gum with someone, it’s bound to make their day!

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Win My Favorite Basketball Watching Treats!

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How do you prepare for the Madness? Have you filled out brackets with coworkers, friends or family?  What kind of snacks do you make to get ready for the Big Tournament? We always stock up on Coke Zero and OREOs, and come up with ways to make them fun while we watch the games.

When you buy Coke Zero and Nabisco products, like OREO, at Albertsons, Safeway and other banners (Tom Thumb, Acme, Shaws, Pavillions, Star Market etc.) you can enter to win tons of cool basketball themed prizes… even a chance to attend some of the final games!

Available Prizes:

  • 64 Cola-Cola ZeroTM Cap & Basketball
  • 32 Over the Door Basketball Hoop
  • 16 Albertsons $50 Gift Card
  • 8 Electronic Basketball Game
  • 4 10 ft Basketball Goal
  • 2 Gift Card for TV/Surround Sound System
  • 1 Trip for 4 to the 2017 NCAA®
  • Men’s Final Four® in Phoenix 



       HOW TO ENTER:

  1. Purchase participating* Coca-Cola or NABISCO products
  2. Upload a photo of your receipt showing your qualifying product purchase
  3. Register and upload receipt photo to: 
  4. Receive 1 entry per qualifying purchase for a chance to win prizes!

Good luck!!!

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  • Mondelēz International and Coca-Cola are Corporate Champion and Partners of the NCAA.
  • NCAA and Taste the Madness are trademarks of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
  • © Mondelēz International group © Coca-Cola Zero is a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola Company.
  • NABISCO is the Official Cookie & Cracker of the NCAA®
  • Coca-Cola Zero™ is the Official Fan Refreshment of the NCAA®


A Mothers Promise To My Baby Girl


“My Sweet Baby Girl, I promise to dance with you in the rain, be silly with you at any chance we get, and cry with you when you’re sad. I have loved you for as long as I can remember and I promise to not only tell you how much I love you every single day, but to show you.”

This is a Mothers Promise that I made to my little girl. I was lucky enough to have a mom who was always a perfect example of these things. She taught me how to be silly and embrace life even when it gets hard. She cried with me, way more times than I can count (thanks teenage emotions and dumb high school boyfriends), and has always been SO good at expressing her love for me. I attribute a lot of my success to my angel mother. I pray that I can be that kind of a mom to my baby girl, because my heart is already full of so much love for her it’s overflowing.

I grew up most of my life as the youngest child but when I was 11 years old my parents had another baby (surprise! The best surprise ever). When I met him it was basically love at first sight, and from that day forward I knew that I was meant to be a mom. It was something so deep inside of me, so undeniable and I let everybody know that that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. So when I was 16 years old my mom gave me the book called Someday by Allison McGhee. In the front cover of the book she wrote me a very profound and sweet letter. She talked about how “Someday” I will have babies of my own and how she can’t wait until that day comes to see that kind of mother I will be. I don’t think my 16 year old self ever expressed to my mom just how much that book and letter meant to me. I’ve read it hundreds of times always starting with my moms letter on the front cover praying for the time to finally come where I get to be a mom to my OWN babies. That day is finally here and I couldn’t be happier about it.

IMG_1253 IMG_1246

This promise to my baby girl is not something that I take lightly. I want her to know that I mean every single word and I want her to hold me to it. In order for me to keep it in the front of my mind at all times I have written my promise on the back cover of the same book that my mom gave me nearly 10 years ago. I will read this book to my baby every single night before she goes to bed, ending with my promise to her. There may come a day when she gets sick of it or won’t want me to read it and that’s okay. I’ll silently read it and the promise I made her to myself and appreciate all the silent things my mom used to do when I was too little to comprehend just how much she loved me.

Do you have a promise that you’ve made to your little one? If so, have you kept it? I challenge you to actually write down a promise to your child and put it somewhere, like in the cover of their favorite book, so you will remember to keep it.


Along with my promise to keep my baby girl emotionally strong and happy, I vow to take care of her physical needs as well. One way I plan to do that is to always keep her comfortable and putting her in Pampers Premium diapers is the perfect way to do that. They are top tier, high quality diapers that are also hypoallergenic and breathable on your babies skin. You can find these amazing diapers at your local Walmart or


What’s your #MothersPromise? I would love to hear them or see them on social media! Share a picture with the hashtag #MothersPromise.

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Sponsored by Pampers and Walmart

The Ultimate “Baby Moon” Survival Kit

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So my hubs and I decided that for Spring Break this year we are going to go on a “baby moon”. What in the world is a baby moon you ask? Well, it’s basically first time parents last chance to go on a fun vacay before the baby comes and worries come and stinky diapers come and lack of money comes…you catch my drift. We’re going to Vegas for ours and I have put together my short list of my must haves for the baby moon. All of the items make me feel like a million bucks (even while I’m growing a human in my belly) and they always fit!

I know that everyone is different but being pregnant has really made me appreciate my pre pregnancy body. I have found myself not feeling quite as comfortable in my own skin as I did before. There’s really only one thing that can give me a little confidence boost and that is to have tan skin. I feel like I lose an automatic 10 pounds when I’m tan. Of course, being pregnant (and I am SUCH an anxious pregnant person…please help me). I avoid the tanning bed and any spray tans or products that I feel like have harsh chemicals in them. Thus, JERGENS® Natural Glow® products are my 100% go to products for achieving my tan skin. I love the way the products feel on my skin plus the smell and the perfect sun kissed color it gives me is fantastic! This, my friends, is exactly why the first two items on my list are JERGENS® Natural Glow® products. I could NOT baby moon without them!


  1. JERGENS® Natural Glow® +FIRMING Daily Moisturizer– Aside from the fantastic sun kissed color, I LOVE the firming benefits of this moisturizer. I put it all over my body once a day for about a week to get the deep tan color that I like. I also love that because its in a lotion form it doesn’t create any streaks and really moisturizes your body. Also, to be safe I use the product sparingly on dry areas like knuckles, knees, ankles and in between fingers/toes. *Make sure you choose the proper color for your skin tone! I use color fair-medium.IMG_2227 IMG_2229
  2. JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20– This is one of my all time favorite products. I put it on before I go to bed each night and it makes a huge difference in my face color! I also love that it has sunscreen in it so not only is it providing me a sun kissed tan but also protecting my face from any sun damage. There are a few important tips and tricks to keep in mind as you are using this product so I have created a short video (below) showing you how I apply it.
  3. A cute hat- you really can never go wrong with a hat, it will dress up any outfit that you’re wearing. Plus, it always fits! Even with a growing pregger belly :).
  4. Flats, flats, flats! These faux birkenstock type sandals are my ULTIMATE fave! They are beyond comfy (which is what every pregnant women needs).
  5. Sunnies- No matter what, a good pair of sunglasses can always turn your frown upside down and there is no better compliment to tan skin than the perfect pair of sunglasses.
  6. Fresh pink lipstick- pink is my favorite color to wear on my lips in spring/summer. It’s such a fun color and I feel like you can get away with wearing it with pretty much anything!

I got my JERGENS® Natural Glow® products at Walmart, right now they have an amazing sale going on where you can get $3 off any 2 full size Jergens® Natural Glow® Products, the coupon is right on the bottle when you buy it!


Am I missing anything? What are some of your favorite “baby moon” items?

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It’s A…



Before I announce the big news, I have to give a huge shout out to my amazing photographer, Gabriella from Gabriella Santos Photography, and all of the incredible vendors that were involved in this shoot. I had a “vision” of how I wanted this gender reveal to go and Gabriella so perfectly saw my vision (which is not always an easy task) and helped me achieve it. I’ll link the vendors for each item below, don’t you worry :).

My hubs and I announced the gender of our sweet babe to our families a few weeks ago (don’t worry, I’ll be blogging all about that in a week or two),  but of course I had to do a fun photo shoot to announce it to my awesome followers… so here you have it!

35-1 36-161-168-171-175-1AHHH!!! It’s a girl!! We could not be more thrilled! Obviously we would have loved the results either way but it’s so fun knowing that I get to start this journey with a sweet little girl. You better believe she will be my best friend/partner in crime (well at least, I can only hope so!). Also, prepare yourself for posts about ALL things girl…I might go a little overboard, I am SO excited!







I’m 21 weeks and just WAITING for that big bump to appear… please tell me it will be soon?! For all you mommas out there, when did you “pop” with your first?

Thanks for sharing this special moment with me!

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Cake and Cupcakes (they taste even better than they look, seriously)// The Chocolate Dessert Cafe

Dress Shabby Apple // Necklace H&M // Shoes Target // Cardigan Target

Hair // My Fave Girl Tara Brooke

Eyelashes // Lindy Williams

Gold Moccs // Freshly Picked 

Bows // Little Poppy Co

“Let Her Sleep” Printable // Lily Pad Printables

Frame // Hobby Lobby

DIY Spa Day For Under $10

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone, I would never tell my readers to use a product that I don’t truly love and use myself. #MyBioreFizz #CollectiveBias


So it’s almost spring (I’m counting down the seconds, this winter has been rough!) and I always take the time to do a little bit of spring cleaning this time of year. It makes me feel so rejuvenated and gets me out of the winter rutt that I’m most definitely in (anyone feel me?). This year my spring cleaning was very extensive because we moved and cleaned out EVERYTHING, guys I threw away 11 big black garbage bags, 11! It felt so nice. But with the spring cleaning of my house, I decided that I really needed to spring clean my face. Breakouts have been one of my least favorite pregnancy side effects and my face so desperately needed some deep “spring” cleaning.

I found these NEW incredible cleansers from Bioré, Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub and Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser, that seriously blow my mind! They give your face a natural deep clean and gentle exfoliation that’s perfect for combination skin (both oily and dry) and the best part is that you can literally hear and feel the fizz of the Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub working right on your face. Washing my face is now something I look forward to at night-don’t worry, there’s a video below where you can see and hear it working!

It comes out feeling exactly like powder, you put a little bit of water on the powder to activate it and viola! Within seconds it’s bubbling and fizzing right in your hand.

IMG_2035 IMG_6733

I also know that after a long hard day at work or school or being a mom, you just need to relax but you don’t have the time (or the money, a hundred bucks or more? HECK NO) to go to the spa. So I created a fast and easy way you can create your own spa day at home for just a few bucks and a short amount of time.

Step 1: Grab a good book and fill the tub 🙂

Step 2: While the tub is filling, cleanse your face with Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser.


Step 3: Put ten drops doTERRA essential oils Lavender oil and ten drops Serenity oil into the tub. Both of these oils completely relax me. I always do my “spa day” at night right before I go to bed so the Lavender also helps me fall asleep quicker and the Serenity calms me down (which, unfortunately, is so needed), it’s life changing my friends. If you visit my Essential Oils page, you can fill out the form to have me send you samples of both of these products, free of charge :).


Step 4: Put Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub on your face and get in the tub. That amazing cleanser scrubs your face on it’s own and gets you that gentle exfoliation without you having to do a thing. It feels like you are getting a 5 star spa treatment in your own home! I let it sit on my face in the tub for 3-5 minutes and then I wash it off.

Step 5: To create a good lather in combination with the oils, I take a shower puff ball and put any kind of shower gel on it then scrub all of those dead skin cells off. I love doing this to help me feel clean and in the winter months the oils help to not dry out my skin.


There you have it. DIY spa day, easy peasy and cheap! I found all of these products (except for the oils) at WalMart in the same aisle!


Like I said earlier, this scrub is perfect for those of you who have combination skin, like me, my t-zone is oily but the rest of my face is dry. But for those of you who have oily skin try Bioré Charcoal products, which are made specifically for you!

I can’t wait for you to try these products out and let me know if you had as much fun cleaning your face as I did!

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After (feeling so fresh!):